Guardian's Best Animal Rescuer of the Year Awards December 6th, 2014

Guardian's Best Animal Rescue Foundation kindly awarded Eric Vaillancourt with the Unsung Hero Award for his dedication and devotion to animals in need.

Beside the transport he does for rescue and supporting us Making our adoption day scarves Driving anywhere at any time for any life in need! Often volunteering for transports for other rescue groups looking for help with dogs and cats He has fostered and temp fostered 20 dogs for CAA Rescue Taking on some of the harder cases like: Lucky, suspected abuse case and was terrified of men! Picked up stray and lost by he pound on rescue day - Eric and his dog Rex stayed out on the streets with us for 5 hour with his dog Rex until we could safely bring him in ... his first foster for us! :) One hell of a way to start our friendship!! Trooper, the St Jean sur Richelieu suspected bait dog Adrienne, our first and only confirmed heartworm case Blondie, born with malformation on all 4 paws and joints Fisher, born malformed with only 3 paws & most recently Dixie yet another suspected abuse victim terrified of men Eric has fostered dogs from the nordic mission, from Auberge Zen, Terrebonne GL, AMR and SPCM Ste Adele along with owner surrenders He not only fosters but he works so hard to rehabilitate, dealing with issues at hand. Learning from the dogs and passing his knowledge onto the next dog he meets You will never meet a kinder soul than Eric, I have often said the world would be better off if we had more "Erics" In February we will lose him as a foster for a short while as he heads off to intensive dog training courses, WHY? So that he can help more. There are no words I can use to describe all that Eric has done for our little rescue and for all the things he has planned Eric has one goal in mind only! Helping those that need help!

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